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Department of Psychology
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Student Collaborators


Sehrang (Sarah) Joo (Yale '20) -- Sarah graduated in May 2020 with a degree in philosophy. She wrote an award-winning honors thesis titled "Understanding 'why': How implicit questions shape information preferences". Currently, she is working as a Post-Bac Fellow in the Cognition and Development Lab at Yale, continuing the work on which her thesis was based. Her work spans several projects, which we have conducted in collaboration with Frank Keil and Josh Knobe.

Caroline Reiner (Yale '23) -- Caroline is a prospective computer science / cognitive science major broadly interested in how the mind works. Currently, she is working on projects related to subjective probability in perception and cognition.


Serena Shapard (Yale '20), Elizabeth Bennette (UCSD '20), Emma Alexandrov (Vassar '21)